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Our criteria for admission are very simple – people are admitted on the basis of highest need.

We have an admission policy in place that is available for viewing. That policy states that we conduct a pre-admission assessment with each prospective resident. The purpose of this is to ensure that we are, in as far as possible, a good match. That is to say that we are able to meet the prospective resident’s needs and wants on the one hand and that the prospective resident is happy with what they hear about how we work. This also ensures that all necessary equipment, knowledge and competency is available within Gascoigne House Nursing Home to meet the care needs of the resident.

All families and prospective residents are encouraged to visit Gascoigne House Nursing Home and know about the services provided prior to admission. During this visit, time is allocated by the Person in Charge or designated person to explain and discuss aspects of the resident’s Contract of Care. Our Contract of Care describes the arrangement that will exist between us and this is given to, and must be completed by, the resident or their legal representative prior to admission. If a resident does not settle into their new home and decides to leave within the first month, we will rescind the contract without penalty or obligation. An applicant’s level of dependency will not exclude them from consideration since we admit persons in the low, medium, high and maximum dependency categories.

It is not our practice to facilitate emergency admissions, where a pre-admission assessment has not previously been completed.